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Debra Lynne Katz is an internationally renowed speaker, Founder and Director of the International School of Clairvoyance (ISC), which was the first online school in the world to offer interactive small group clairvoyant training in a tele-seminar and webinar format. Debra is author of three successful and popular books about identifying one’s innate psychic abilities, developing techniques for practicing ones clairvoyant powers and finding greater inner peace, growth and the power of manifesting one’s greatest desires through spiritual awareness, visualization and clairvoyance. She is currently a Ph.D student in Psychology at the University of West Georgia.
While Debra is a very talented and highly sought after clairvoyant-medium-psychic, she is perhaps more unique in her belief that all people have the innate, potential to tap their own intuitive powers. She is also unique in that she is a psychic researcher and remote viewer in addition to being a spiritually orientated psychic as well. She works around the clock to continue to improve her own abilities and those of countless others in all of the above mentioned areas.
Debra has been a teacher and spiritual guide to hundreds of aspiring and accomplished psychics.  She was one of the first people on this planet to offer psychic training courses, with an emphasis in clairvoyant techniques, mediumship, and remote viewing and healing via a short term teleseminar-webinar format. She teachers her classes through the school she founded in 2005, The International School of Clairvoyance (ISC).
Debra grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois (First Skokie, then Deerfield) with her family and identical twin sister, Amy Beth Katz, who also professionally practices her psychic and shamanic healing abilities in California.  She used to go by the name “Debbie”, until she became a Probation Officer and felt the need to sound a bit more serious! (Not that she is!).
While she had continuous spontaneous psychic experiences throughout her younger years, particularly in connection with her twin sister, Debra didn’t know how to control her abilities until she began taking classes at a few clairvoyant schools in the San Francesco Bay area at the age of 26. One of these schools, the Berkeley Psychic Instutite, was founded by the late Lewis Bostwick. Debra ended her affilitation with this school in 1997 and went on to train in controlled remote viewing with Lyn Buchannan, Lori Williams, Courtney Brown and several other instructors. She discusses her former training and the various schools that are still in existence to her in her books You Are Psychic and Extraordinary Psychic.
She continues to be a perpetual student of the psychic and healing arts, and attends several conferences and trainings as a speaker and participant every year.
One of Debra’s strengths is to integrate what she learns into practice, drawing the most helpful elements from other methodologies, protocols and practices, merging these together and streamlining them into a system that allows students to develp their entire range of psychic abilities in a way that is safe, life enhancing, efficient, quick, and that will serve them in the long haul. She has the ability to constantly assess and update what works or doesn’t for her self and others and intergrate this into her own practice and training programs. This is what makes her unique as a teacher.   She doesn’t teach anything until she’s applied and practiced it relentlessly herself.
In fact, she is engaged in psychic activities, whether readings or remote viewing sessions, no less then 15 to 30 hours every week and has been for the past 18 years. That’s over 20,000 hours of direct practice of being in an altered state accessing her abilities.
With a Masters degree in Social Work and a B.A. in psychology, Debra has worked as a Federal Probation Officer for the Northern District of California (Oakland), and as a Supervisor for a program serving developmentally disabled adults.  She also directed a legal advocacy program serving victims of domestic violence and has a great deal of experience as a crisis counselor.
Debra was television show host for one of Sedona, Arizona’s most watched television shows, The Psychic Explorer: Adventures of the Spirit. Debra has given thousands of psychic readings for people and has taught her techniques to many more people through her three books, classes and private instruction. Going straight to the source, Debra lived in the Philippines and studied with masters in the field of psychic surgery and faith healing. She has also studied with masters from the leading clairvoyant/healing/controlled remote viewing training schools around the world.
She has been completely obsessed with Remote Viewing for the past 7 years and has conducted RV research, managed RV projects and served as a remote viewer in lengthy experiments with veteran parapsychologists. She is a two time winner of IRVA-IRIS Warcollier award. She is an active member of The Applied Precognition Project (she is their web designer/webmaster), a Member of IRVA (The International Remote Viewing Association), a member of the Parapsychology Association (PA), and the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) and also a member of The Rhine Research Institute)


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