Our Representatives are Representing Outdated Responses to Limiting Belief Systems!

By Debra Lynne Katz (www.debrakatz.com)

We need spiritually evolved leaders – not religious fanatics!

Many of us who are on the path of spiritual development understand that the key to overcoming most difficulties and obstacles in life has to do with stepping out of (or at least gaining distance) from ones belief systems long enough so that new thoughts and inspirations can emerge to bring us to a new place of being. In this new place, we are not only transformed, but often we find ourselves  having overcome stubborn obstacles and gifted with fresh opportunities and ultimately feeling more at peace, more empowered and just plain happier.  Once a person discovers they can have beliefs without the beliefs having them – that they can believe but have enough flexibility and movement around these beliefs to not get trapped inside them, the shackles that keep so many people obsessed, stuck, divorced from creativity and even each other can be loosened and eventually discarded.  As humans, we must have beliefs, we must have ideas that direct us down a particular path and that motivate us to take action.

Except for in meditation or sleep, you can’t function without holding some thought in your mind at any given moment.  But it’s when these thoughts are so crystalized, that we elevate the beliefs to God status (where we begin to worship our ideas as much or more than that which they represent) –  this is when we go astray, when we lose touch with reality, and we suffer as do those who care about us or are impacted by us. Much of the growing awareness of the above has been made possible with the explosion of popularity of transformational books and practical modalities – from meditation to hypnosis, to NLP, intuitive development, dream/shamanic work, energy healing, and a variety of therapies that fall under “cognitive psychology”.

Even the number of churches espousing the value of “new thought”  continues to blossom throughout the nation. While people from every strata of life are waking up to the above – from teenagers, to housewives to movie stars to corporate executives, you would think that our leaders, or those vying for leadership of a country and people who has such a rich history of radically transforming it’s national beliefs in very short time – would be a bit more evolved.  But if you’ve watched even a few minutes of CNN lately, just a few minutes of interviews or debates with any of the republican presidential candidates, you will see just the opposite.  You will see that what is being debated is not well thought out plans to turn this country around or to help it’s citizens, but instead whether one candidate is more committed to a dogmatic belief system then another.

These belief systems are connected to those of a particular religion.  In some cases, these beliefs are in direct opposition to some of their own personal behaviors.  Newt Gingrich has upheld “family values” and the sanctity of marriage for years  – he was the leading force behind the impeachment of President Clinton for lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky – and yet it’s now confirmed, public record, that he cheated and lied to not one, but two wives, not just once, not just for a few months, but over the course of several years. What’s more mind-boggling then his blatant hypocrisy, is that in some states, he is turning out to be the forerunner.

Meanwhile, another leading candidate: Rick Santorum,  is stating that if he is elected president, he will do everything in his power to get rid of birth control.  Not because the facts say that getting rid of birth control would improve the country or the lives of it’s citizens, (the facts point to the opposite) but because birth control is looked down upon within the church of which he is a member.

It’s hard for me to fathom that any reasonably intelligent person would think it was remotely acceptable to stand up and say, “vote for me because I’m attached to these narrow religious beliefs” and expect to win a position where they are going to be responsible for millions of citizens whose lives could be seriously harmed if forced to live under the constraints of these beliefs, but that’s exactly what’s happening – in the year 2012 no less!   So this begs the question, why is this happening?  How have we gotten to the point that those vying for our top positions are not the highly evolved spiritual beings we long for them to be, but instead close minded, religious fanatics who are completely out of touch with the needs of it’s citizenry?

One of the things I’ve noticed in my own life is that when I’m getting close to a break through, when I’m close to breaking out of one situation and it’s limiting beliefs that have been making me feel less than I am, stuck and miserable, that I’ll encounter lots of other people in this same situation who act as mirrors.  These people often show up as clients, students, or even new or even as characters in films I’m drawn to.

One theory I have for why we are faced with such outrageousness in these leaders is because they are there in fact to as representatives of ourselves  – but rather than representing our interests as our leaders are “supposed to do”, they represent the human limitations we seek to transcend, and perhaps are getting closer and closer to transcending as a race. So in the case of these current self selected nominee’s, these guys represent that which no longer works for the majority of us.  They mirror the void between the mask that so many people present to the world, and that which is their true self, thereby enabling many to get in touch with and ultimately overcome the unbearable pain that lurks within this treacherous gap. So we see these bombastic men not as role models of what we want to be, but rather as outdated models of that which we wish to discard.

The fact that the media (perhaps the biggest mirror of all) gives 24 hours coverage to these small-minded people, instead of covering actual current events and thoughtful people who are actually making a positive difference in our world, shows that they are more concerned about drama and conflict then the news or the betterment of humanity. That comes as no surprise.  What is clear in this tragedy of errors called the republican primaries, is the fact that the leading presidential candidates have been aptly casted in the role of the fool   Since no reasonable citizen would consider elevating a fool to the position of king, I think it’s safe to say that President Obama isn’t going anywhere, any time soon. and that’s not my psychic prediction……that’s just plain old logic!  Something that seems to be lacking in both our current and wanna be leaders.

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