Religion of Sports Documentary

By Debra Lynne Katz

Edited by: Natalie Cormier (

I recently watched the AT &T original documentary television series:  Religion of Sports: Through the Darkness (episode 2, airing November 17, 2017).  It was playing on the television in my living room as I passed by on the way to the kitchen. The insightful words being spoken both by the narrator and a San Quintin prisoner being interviewed stopped me in my tracks, even though I was pretty hungry. I thought, “Wow, this is a very deep content for a television series about sports!”. So when the credits rolled at the end, I wasn’t at all surprised to discover that it was written by, and actually narrated by Gotham Chopra, who turned out to be Deepak Chopra’s son. I didn’t even know he had a son, much less one that is a filmmaker. Pretty cool!

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Al Gore’s Predictions are Upon us Now

By: Debra Lynne Katz

I’d like to highlight the work of Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States. Gore has done more than just about anyone else to raise awareness in the United States and everywhere else, of the approaching cataclysm brought on by what, not too long ago, was an approaching global warming crisis and now appears to be upon us.  He serves as a role model who is doing his part, despite defeat, controversy, and challenges to do what he can for ourselves and for future generations.  He has done this by using his own skills, strengths, and privileged position to get the message out in every way he can.

Al Gore has been one of the most public and effective champions of the environment since his first documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth” came out in 1991. His second film , “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” (2016) shows the changes that he predicted in the first film. His assertions that the newly constructed foundation of the One World Trade Center would flood due to global warming were highly criticized and disregarded as being ridiculous, and yet this is exactly what happened, less than a decade later.

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Remote Viewing: Can Some People Target “Who”, While Others “Where”?

Written by Debra Lynne Katz

First I just want to say I’d never have in a tasking, whether to myself or to others, the actual words “who” or “where”, as these specific words will send one into analytic mode faster than anything – but I  think perhaps the question instead should be: “can some remote viewers have an easier time and do a better job describing people, while others do better at describing locations?”.

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By Debra Lynne Katz, M.S.W.

Ph.D. Student


Towards a theory of Psi: The Embodied Psi Principle


In this paper I shall propose that any theory of human perception, including that which operates within the domain of phenomenology, is incomplete if it fails to address what I shall refer to as “the embodied psi principle”. This principle posits that psi operates within every body and between all bodies at all times. It flows through all perceptual, cognitive, emotional and physical systems and structures of the body, operating on both unconscious and conscious level.  If it makes its way to the conscious mind at all, it does only through the vehicle of the body first, where it motivates, restricts, enhances, influences, and informs. Like all forms of perception and sensation that lead to information gathering and integration, it can be strengthened and made use of through attention, awareness, application and disciplined practice. It can also be distorted and misapplied.


What is the standard definition of Psi and Psychic Phenomenon?


Are the Pictures on Your Website Safe to Use?

smartphone-623722_1920Have you ever looked on google for a picture, saved it and then published it on your website? If so, you may be using a Copyright picture. There are actually laws that could get you in trouble for using for using a Copyrighted pictures.

The good news is, if you are in fact using a picture you took randomly on the internet, it is not too late to change it. Here are a couple of things that could help you while using pictures for your website, or even school project.

1 – You can take pictures from a public domains. These sites let people put pictures that are up for grabs, that the copyright has been removed or has never been put on the picture.  You just need to read the License or fine prints of the website, so that you know that these pictures are safe to use.

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Ingo Swann was a Scientologist – An inside look at “To Kiss the Earth Goodbye”.

By Debra Lynne Katz (

INGO SWANN AND SCIENTOLOGY – I have been reading Ingo’s book “To Kiss the Earth Goodbye” – thanks to Chris Georges who lent me his $100 out -of-print copy. (There is something very terrifying about me reading out of print copies – I just know I’m going to spill my coffee on it or forget not to bend the pages or roll over on it when I fall sleep with it in bed). There are some aspects of this book I like such as when he discusses the challenges of being a research subject in parapsychology studies. I also found it useful to understand that when he seemed to be exhibiting PK skills it happened while he was remote viewing – this taught me that if one wants to an altar a material object then he/she should observe it clairvoyantly in as much detail in the act of doing that may be exactly what has an effect on it – that observation paired with an intention.

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ASK DEBRA: QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Is the concept of higher and lower energy frequencies real or is it an ego based fallacy?

By Debra Lynne Katz (
Jake (via FB instant messenger) “Hi Debra, I was talking to a women who was saying the terms high and low vibration didn’t exist and that everything is all on the same wavelengths and that nobody is higher than anybody else. What is your take on teaching people about high vibration things vs. low?”

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“Not all prayers are created equal! The art of helpful prayer and how to ‘send energy’ without depleting oneself or compounding the problem”

By Debra Lynne Katz (

I always have mixed feelings when I hear someone, via social media, as well meaning as they are, calling upon a group of people to generically send energy over to someone who is ill. On the one hand I’m filled with a sense of appreciation for the request. With all the bad news on T.V., it is more than encouraging to be reminded that so many people are loving and will do what ever they can to help total strangers. But I also am concerned about these calls for prayers because I know that a lot of the well meaning individuals don’t understand energy/thought form dynamics. They don’t understand how to heal in ways where they won’t confound the problem, or deplete themselves.

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What If We Could All Read Minds?

By Debra Lynne Katz (

WE KNOW THAT SOME PEOPLE DO HAVE THIS ABILITY ON A LIMITED BASIS, and that many more can learn it with enough training and practice, but an entire society………?
This article is the first of several related to the topic of trends and the future of psychic development and the potential evolution of the human race.   Most of us at one time have momentarily considered what it might be like if humans were able to read each other’s minds.  I say momentarily because the thoughts following, “What if…?” are usually followed by, “Yikes, that would be soooo embarrassing…what if my boss or my wife knew what I really thought of them or what I was really up to?!”.  Even worse than others hearing our thoughts, is the idea of us hearing theirs. The ridicule, judgments, envy, and what they really think and feel about us would be unbearable. Usually at this point, most people dismiss the idea fully, convinced that not only would this not be possible, but it would totally suck.

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How to View The Future In One Minute Or Less

By Debra Lynne Katz (

THESE ARE “PSYCHIC SPEED READING” EXERCISES FOR ALL AGES All you will need is a stack of paper nearby (not lined!), a good pen and your own mind. The idea here is you are looking for situations that will change quickly AND that will give you instant feedback. Until you have done each of these 100 times, don’t form a negative opinion about your ability! These are all designed to get you to get quick and instant information and verification.  Just be aware that while it’s great to practice these exercises, they are part of a larger practice that involves a lot more time.

Using your abilities to find a missing item or person, describing the location of a nuclear device or the device itself could require hours if not days of describing to the point enough information is gained to help whomever needs the information. If you are serious about developing your abilities it helps to do these “down and dirty” exercises as well as more in-depth viewings/readings.

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