Displacement in Associate Remote Viewing (ARV), Psychic Readings and Life

By Debra Lynne Katz  (www.debrakatz.com)

As I read and ponder the discussions about the “problem” of displacement – the phenomenon of a remote viewer accurately describing the unintended target, I see an image of water spilling through the seems of a box.   The water is moving, rushing, powerful, unstoppable, white, foaming, liquid. There is no grasping it, and ultimately no containing it. No amount of tape, glue, wood, nails or any other kind of reinforcement can stop the leakage. The water is what we refer to as our subconscious and probably a whole lot more. It’s the part that can access information about anything, any one, and then bring this information back to our aware selves through our physical senses in the form of thoughts, sketches, feelings, bodily sensations, words, visions, smells, sounds, etc.

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