How to View The Future In One Minute Or Less

By Debra Lynne Katz (

THESE ARE “PSYCHIC SPEED READING” EXERCISES FOR ALL AGES All you will need is a stack of paper nearby (not lined!), a good pen and your own mind. The idea here is you are looking for situations that will change quickly AND that will give you instant feedback. Until you have done each of these 100 times, don’t form a negative opinion about your ability! These are all designed to get you to get quick and instant information and verification.  Just be aware that while it’s great to practice these exercises, they are part of a larger practice that involves a lot more time.

Using your abilities to find a missing item or person, describing the location of a nuclear device or the device itself could require hours if not days of describing to the point enough information is gained to help whomever needs the information. If you are serious about developing your abilities it helps to do these “down and dirty” exercises as well as more in-depth viewings/readings.

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