My Best and Worst Days Ever

Learn about my best and worst days ever. I encourage you to do the same as it is a good exercise to review your life.

By Debra Lynne Katz (

Recently, I was thinking about what the 10 worst days of my life have been so far and the 10 best days. I decided to do this as an exercise and see if I can easily come up with them with out editing them first.

I don’t tend to think about my worst days very much, but last month I had to attend an arbitration hearing in Minnesota as I was suing my publisher of my 3 books after years of not being paid correctly or on time and getting no where with trying to work things out.

The hearing started out OK. I was representing myself after reading books like, “Contract Law for Dummies”.  The arbitrator let me deliver my 150 slide presentation and 300 pages of exhibits first. But it just felt so awful sitting there having to tell the company’s owners, “You lied, you didn’t do as promised, you’ve made me have to come all this way and do all this work just to say mean things about you”. And then of course to sit there while their team of attorney’s tried to make it look like I was the only author who has ever complained about anything in their 100 year history of existence, felt pretty bad.  So this at the top of my list of bad days, even though, as it turns out, I won. Not only monies owed to me, but punitive damages and my rights back.

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