Our Representatives are Representing Outdated Responses to Limiting Belief Systems!

By Debra Lynne Katz (www.debrakatz.com)

We need spiritually evolved leaders – not religious fanatics!

Many of us who are on the path of spiritual development understand that the key to overcoming most difficulties and obstacles in life has to do with stepping out of (or at least gaining distance) from ones belief systems long enough so that new thoughts and inspirations can emerge to bring us to a new place of being. In this new place, we are not only transformed, but often we find ourselves  having overcome stubborn obstacles and gifted with fresh opportunities and ultimately feeling more at peace, more empowered and just plain happier.  Once a person discovers they can have beliefs without the beliefs having them – that they can believe but have enough flexibility and movement around these beliefs to not get trapped inside them, the shackles that keep so many people obsessed, stuck, divorced from creativity and even each other can be loosened and eventually discarded.  As humans, we must have beliefs, we must have ideas that direct us down a particular path and that motivate us to take action.

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